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Deb Cohen Retires from J Early Learning Center

Director Retires from the Springfield JCC’s Early Learning Center August 2020 -- Deb Cohen began her career at the Springfield Jewish Community Center in 1984. Her first two years were spent teaching toddlers as well as the Mommy and Me…

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Program Guide Special Edition

We all felt the effects of cancelled gatherings and  milestone celebrations this year.   Shout it Out!   The J invites you to participate in a Shout-Out feature in this year's 2020-2021 Special Edition Program Guide. Shout Out a special…

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summer pasta

J Recipe: Summer Pasta

Summer Pasta   A light and easy dish, especially if you are seeking to repurpose leftover chicken. Consider pairing with Iced Tea or, if you are age 21 or older you might consider pairing this dish with a crisp glass…

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artisan bread

Recipes with Bev Nadler: Artisan Bread

Bev Nadler encourages you to Learn to Bake an Artisan Bread "Many people have learned new skills while being at home during the past few months, including various cooking techniques. Never before have I attempted baking bread but this recipe,…

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Kristin Seeley

J Member Kristin Seeley

Kristin Seeley and her family, Earlon, Jenny, Emme, and Nora, have been active loyal members of the J for more than 14 years. When asked what she misses most about the J, Kristin responded, “That’s easy - the people! From…

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Recipe Corner: Noodle Kugel for Shavuot

Kugel Recipe: Noodle Kugel for Shavuot Janie Booth was a beloved member of the J Family for many years . She touched the hearts and stomachs of many in our community with her kindness and her delectable food. Since it…

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Snapshots: Sharing Your Story During These Times    Everyone's lives have been turned upside-down these past few months. What does your new lifestyle look like? We're asking our members to share pictures of how they're spending their time social distancing. Are…

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