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Welcome to the Virtual J

Your J is currently VIRTUAL J Staff were so disheartened by the temporary closure of the Springfield JCC that we immediately began to create virtual programs to remain connected to You - our J family. We will continuously post highlights…

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Swimming Pool At The JCC

Swim Blocks Fundraiser

Dean Kavanagh is providing a matching grant to help the J raise the nearly $40,000 needed to provide new swim blocks that meet today's safety standards. Update:  We completed our goal!  New swim blocks will be up be the end…

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This Is A Photo Of A Child Making A Safarivest

The J on Safari

The freshly painted jeep stopped in front of the baobab tree on the Savanna in Africa. The tour group members disembarked wearing their camouflaged vests and visors, while carrying canteens to counter the heat, and homemade maps of the area…

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