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Camp-in-a-Box brings 950+ boxes into homes in the Valley!

This Is A Photo Of Children At The JCC Summer Camp

When summer camps around the country closed due to COVID19, the Springfield JCC and Jewish Family Service feared for the mental health and wellbeing of their campers (and area youth).  Between a lack of socialization and an even bigger educational ‘summer slide’ than normal, there was a need – and from that need, Camp-in-a-Box was created. 

“Super bummed over here and can’t wait until next summer,” wrote camp parent Christine Petrone.  “[Camp-in-a-Box] will help with him not being able to attend.”  More than 300 families received boxes, stuffed with 20+ activities – from STEM to the arts, scavenger hunts and recreational activities.  These free boxes feature adaptations for campers of all ability levels, and were translated into multiple languages so that ALL families could access the content.  

“It’s been a long few months.  Between online learning, adults at home juggling parenting and working, there was a demonstrated need for some fun and recreation this summer.” said Seth Stutman, Camp Director at the Springfield JCC.  “We serve more than 700 campers annually, from every mental and physical ability level and economic status, and we knew that it was vital to offer them ALL the opportunity to have an unforgettable summer.”


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Springfield JCC provides “Camp in a Box” set to more than 400 children

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Springfield JCC provides summer camp in a box for local children