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Welcome to JCamp-in-a-Box!

We might be distant, but we can still have fun together. Over the summer, campers and adults will be able to enjoy some of the flavor of camp – but you can stay in your pajamas! Each box will include 25+ experiences, from STEM and arts and crafts to sports and weekly values.


Seth Stutman
J Camps Director

Week 1

Pantry pentathlon: children vs. adults!

(Video created by Gilory Vlogs)




Ever wonder how a seed grows into a plant? Check out this video to learn all about seeds!

(Video by SciShow Kids)

Week 2

What makes a Frisbee fly through the air? Check out the science behind this fun summer activity!

(Video by Simple Home Science)




Watch this video to learn all the basic Frisbee throws and catches!

(Video by SG Sports TV)




Want an easy origami tutorial to follow along with at home? Try your hand at making this origami fox!

(Video by Art for Kids Hub)

Week 3

Discover what it takes to be an engineer!

(Video by SciShow Kids)

Week 4

Learn how to make a kazoo with everyday materials!

(Video by SophiesWorldVideo)




Try your hand at making a this friendship bracelet!

(Video by Emilie Lefler)