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J Member Feature: Janice Greenberg

Janice With New Friend

This is Janice Greenberg’s J…

Janice Greenberg has been an active member of the J for more than 3 decades, and an integral committee member of the J’s Kehillah program for individuals with special needs. Janice shared what she has been doing to care for herself during these surreal days.

“I’m doing my best to stay active, get as much fresh air as I can – and CLOSE THE LOOP on who I come in contact with. With healthcare providers in our family, I am especially focused on NOT being a vector of the disease – even though it’s uncomfortable.  Anything we can do to prevent exposures, and protect/preserve our healthcare providers, I’m ALL IN.”

Janice and a friend have been checking in via Zoom along with special guest Doug Allen, a personal trainer at the J.

Let us know how you are caring for yourself…






Janice with Family

Elliot, Janice and Sydney Greenberg hiking Haystack Mountain on Saturday.

Janice horse treat Janice flowers

On her bike ride, Janice made a friend, and stopped to smell, or – rather – photograph, the flowers.