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J Member Kristin Seeley

Kristin Seeley

Kristin Seeley and her family, Earlon, Jenny, Emme, and Nora, have been active loyal members of the J for more than 14 years.

When asked what she misses most about the J, Kristin responded, “That’s easy – the people! From Judy in the lobby to the trainers in the gym to the fellow members whom I consider friends, they create an overwhelming sense of community and I miss that connection.”

During this Pandemic, the Seely family has created a puzzle exchange for anyone who is looking for something to do – take a puzzle, leave a puzzle. They have completed and shared nearly 25 puzzles!

Kristin has also taught her girls how to play Mah Jongg. For outdoor time, the family has spent time paddle boarding and enjoying backyard movie nights.

SeelySeeley Movie

Seeley paddle board








The Faces Kristin misses at the J:

Below are faces you might also recognize from the J: Judy Palmer-Butcher is shown here working to support breast cancer awareness at a Zumba event. Kristin’s J Personal Trainer Doug Allen, who helps members determine appropriate fitness goals.

“I have known Kristin for a number of years,” says Judy.  “Kristin is very friendly, has a big heart, and puts a smile on my face whenever I see or think of her.”

JudyDoug Allen