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J Member Susan Goldman Shares “Life in Quarantine”

Susan Goldman

Suze’s Life in Quarantine

Like everyone else I am restricted to home except for occasional forays out for essential food and garden supplies.   I grapple with my paranoia on these infrequent journeys, slathering myself, my shopping cart and my car with disinfectant.  I veer away from people…so different than typical trips to our Big Y where it’s unusual to leave the store without several animated and sometimes deep conversations in the grocery aisles.  

Yet, once home I am never alone and rarely have a moment for boredom.  My life centers around my husband Marc who continues to practice internal medicine and Gastroenterology entailing not infrequent trips back and forth to the hospital Endoscopy unit and his office.  We are a family of healers and my psychotherapy work is done through telemedicine, most often, phone as my patients and I need not worry about dress or hair style. Interestingly the transition to distanced therapy has been seamless and the work with patients very intense and profound.  As my daughter Mikhaila noted, perhaps it’s a touch of return to analytic work where therapist and patient don’t face each other.

So what do I do all day…I cuddle and groom my cat Mordechai, I walk my dogs Satchmo and Dizzy (yes, named after jazz greats) and zoom has become my best friend.  In between patients and dog walking and cooking and reading and connecting with friends and my sister, I zoom into Rachel Korazim’s Israeli poetry class, Board Meetings for my organizational affiliates,  discussions about community program development and my new initiative with Rachel’s Table Feeding the Frontlines*. Last week I facilitated a Virtual Coffee on Coping with Federation Womens Philanthropy. And more dog walking.  In between I fit in some stretches and I probably run up and down my stairs 20 times a day. It’s spring so my project is landscaping and nurturing my plants inside and out. Grass seed, fertilizer and my pruner are my companions as well!

As my kSusan Goldman drawingids like to say, I love a project!

And speaking of kids, since I’m a typical anxious Jewish mother,  each day I am compelled to connect with them and reassure myself that all is well….particularly Mikhaila working as a medical social worker in NYC where the stress and fear has been intense.  My other girls and son in law are working remotely and safely. And then of course connecting with the loves of my life…Noah and Lily (whose art work is shown.) They make my life fulfilled and grant me hope for the future.


Susan Goldman dogs

Say hello to Suze…

*(April 20, 2020): Please help Rachel’s Table Healthy Community Emergency Fund. More details available on Facebook.