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‘Kids Space All Day’ Changing Lives in a Pandemic

When schools were wavering about opening in the fall, Your J was there with an opportunity for those tasked with virtual learning, but with no place to do it!  Your J sensed a need to provide coverage for those who needed it, and from there, ‘Kids Space All Day’ was created.

More than 20 students utilize Kids Space All Day at the J.  After their morning temperature check, students (from different districts all over the Pioneer Valley) settle into their school days, assisted by J staff.  In between classes, during lunch and for much of the afternoon, students at Kids Space All Day enjoy our 20+ acre campus and all of the sports and recreation they have come to love at other JCC programs.

“We are proud to serve our community at a time when parents (and students) really need the help,” said Maureen Marchacos, program director.  “Being able to accept students who receive New England Farmworker (low-income) Vouchers really helps us live our mission while providing a space for everyone to work and learn together.