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Miss Deb’s Bedtime Story

Rawwwrrr! Miss Deb, Director of the J’s Early Learning Center, shares a bedtime story.

Snuggle up with your favorite stuffy while Miss Deb reads about Clovis the Tiger.

“The Loudest Roar” by Thomas Taylor

Meet Clovis, the roaringest tiger in the whole world

Clovis is a very noisy little tiger. He knows he has the loudest roar in the whole jungle. And Clovis thinks that everyone else should know it too. He’s good at roaring, but he’s very good at hiding – and that’s when the trouble begins. The other animals soon tire of him jumping out and shocking them with his loud roar! – but what can they do to stop him? A major new picture book from Thomas Taylor, the artist who created Harry Potter, for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone