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Springfield JCC’s ELC Receives EEC Durable Goods Grant

ELC Grant

The Early Learning Center at the J was recently awarded the 2020 QRIS Durable Goods Improvement Grant. 

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care offered this grant to provide select early childhood program applicants with durable goods to make an immediate and significant impact on program quality.

“The Early Learning Center recently raised our quality rating with the state of Massachusetts, which qualified us to apply for the grant for the first time this year,” says Jenn McGowan, Assistant Director of the J’s Early Learning Center.

The grant process required applicants to choose from select items from Kaplan Early Learning Company and provide evidence of why each item would improve the quality of our program.  All of the items selected promote developmentally appropriate experiences in social-emotional learning, english/language arts, science and technology, history and social studies, mathematics, and art.  

The ELC will receive $17,500.00 worth of materials by June 30, 2020. Some highlights of our purchase include two  6-passenger strollers, soft furniture for each classroom to enhance their cozy areas, diverse books, dolls and dramatic play dress-up clothes, and a wide variety of STEM materials.  Infants at J will get their own outdoor climber to add to the ELC’s playground improvement project.

Submitted by: Jenn McGowan, Assistant Director of the J’s Early Learning Center