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The J on Safari

This Is A Photo Of A Child Making A Safarivest

The freshly painted jeep stopped in front of the baobab tree on the Savanna in Africa. The tour group members disembarked wearing their camouflaged vests and visors, while carrying canteens to counter the heat, and homemade maps of the area to aid in their journey. The group was well prepared, having studied the habitat and the animals that lived there. The twenty, eager explorers were very ready to begin and spot their favorite species. Cheetahs, lions, hippos, monkeys, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants and zebras were out of sight, hidden among the grasses and under the surface of the watering hole.

As Yarok students started down the path, led by tour guide Mikki Malone, they were well aware of where to find each one in the wild and to listen for their specific sounds. The group was careful to stay together, to not stray from the path or to disrespect the Savanna that they had come to love. They were not disappointed and with each passing animal, the travelers could hardly contain their excitement. The trip was unforgettable, better than any zoo they could have visited.

Of what are we speaking? On Friday, March 9, 2018, the Yarok three year old class in the ELC went on safari!

Children made vests, complete with a canteen, camera, flashlight, and binoculars.  “The camouflage is so animals won’t be afraid of us,” says Lori Asulin, teacher of the Yarok class of the Springfield JCC’s Early Learning Center.

“Yeah, so we can see animals like a lion!” exclaimed one of the safari students.

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