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Welcome to JTheater – A Guide for Parents & Actors

Welcome to the J-Theater community!

If this is your first show, or your 10th, we are excited to have you! J-Theater is a youth-focused program of the Springfield JCC – and we are dedicated to supporting the whole person (on and off stage).   We aim to provide supervision, guidance and mentorship for your budding actor. The following outlines the various aspects of your involvement with the program:

  • Auditions/Call-Backs
  • Rehearsals
  • Cost
  • Actors and Parent’s Pledge
  • Whose Who and Contact Info

We are here to help! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

~The J-Theater Production Team


Cost of Participation is $150 (JCC Members) and $180 (Non-Members)

Participation includes:

  • Script
  • Digital recording of the music (Youth will receive recordings with and without words)
  • Digital recording of performance (One recording per cast)
  • Costume
  • Stage Makeup/Hair
  • Cast Party Fun
  • 2 complimentary tickets, per actor, to be used on a weeknight performance
    • May be upgraded to “Prime” Seating for $10

Participation Does NOT Include:

  • Shoes
  • Under Garments


Each show will have a designated time for auditions and callbacks. If you are unable to attend auditions, we can schedule a time to make it up during call-backs.

To prepare for your audition- please plan to sing a song (or part of one). You can sing acapella style or bring in a recording to sing along to.

Callbacks do not require any pre-preparation.  After your audition, we will inform you if it is necessary to come to call backs.


Not coming to call backs simply means the director has seen everything he needs from you to cast you in the performance. 


Our Youth Program (Grades 1-8) rehearse on Tuesdays (3:30-6 pm) and Sundays (2:30-5 pm)

The first rehearsal and Tech Days are all required, all cast rehearsals. The rest of rehearsals will be outlined on a schedule (released roughly one month at a time) outlining which characters should come on each day.  This calendar is an shared online google document and should be checked frequently (it will be subject to change)

Tech Days are about 1-2 weeks before opening night. These rehearsal days are longer and more frequent during the week.

Actor’s Pledge

I will accept the role the director assigns me. I trust that the director will place me in a role where they see my highest potential. I commit to being respectful of my fellow actors and their experience levels. I promise to be engaged in the creation process of the show and to do my best in learning the lines of my character. By signing below, I recognize that I understand I am making a commitment to be part of a team. If I am absent three times, and I (or my parent/guardian) did not give the director at least 12 hours of notice, I risk having my role in the show changed.  I am excited to be here!

Parent Pledge

By signing below, I agree to support my child as a budding actor. I recognize that should there be three times when I do not give at least 12 hours notice of an absence, my child’s role in the show may be changed. I agree that I (or another adult in my family) will volunteer (Or be available to volunteer) for at least one performance.  I give permission for my child’s photo or video to be used by the JCC as needed.

Meet the Staff:

Sonia Wilk- JCC Director of Youth and Family Programs/Producer-

Luke Smith- Performance Director-

Jacob Nichols- Musical Director-

Maddie Riel- Stage Manager-

Savannah Machamer- Costume Designer

Kimberly Gross- Make-Up Artist

**You will receive weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) emails with important updates, parent info and Rehearsal Reports. Please keep an eye out and read them in their entirety. **