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Youth @ The J Wishlist

This a photo of Youth program members at the Springfield JCC

Looking to make an IMMEDIATE impact on youth here at the J?  Take a peek at the items below and let us know if you’re interested in making our dreams a reality at YOUR J!

Handwriting Without Tears | Year-round foundation curriculum addition
“Learning Without Tears provides solutions to develop the foundation skills your students need to become successful communicators.”

Cost: $1,000






STEM Programming | Infused STEM Education for summer and beyond!

STEMFusion 2.0 launches at camp in 2020, and the more fun we can pack into a summer of experiential learning, the better!

Cost: Limitless – check out some of our ideas!

Woodworking for Kids with Maple Wood Shop – Work with your hands and tools to craft confidence and amazing creations!

Cost: $5,000 – Learn More Here