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Specialty Camps are premium, full-day experiences where campers take a deeper dive into many different subjects with qualified staff.


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Sam Stone
Director, Camp and Youth Programming

Week 1: Monday, June 27 - Friday, July 1

Grades K - 2

Energy, Forces, Flight, & Robots with Mad Science

Explore inertia, gravity, and centripetal force with race cars and spinning bike wheels, ping-pong balls, and rubber band-powered catapults. Learn about tension and compression, which shapes are strongest, and make an earthquake-proof building from toothpicks and marshmallows. Learn about flight and build the coolest paper airplanes! We also experience different kinds of robots and build a robot hand!

Grades 2 - 8

Phantom Sheep Improv with LaughCrafters

We’ll strengthen campers’ quick thinking skills as well as their confidence as we find the funny together by learning improvisational techniques! Taught by professional improvisation performer/instructors from Phantom Sheep Productions, Western Massachusetts’ longest-running comedy troupe of writers, actors, and directors who provide original entertainment and Arts education.

Week 2: Tuesday, July 5 - Friday, July 8 (4 Day Week)

Grades 1 - 9

The Great Outdoors: Nature Camp

Join Coach Kim in the wilderness of the J for a high-flying, new activity trying romp around the grounds of the J! Coach Kim will unleash the power of our high-ropes adventure course, our archery range, and so much more. Additionally, we’ll play nature games, and some outdoor survival skills!

This is a half day program. Campers will spend the other half of the day swimming, playing games, and taking part in other camp activities.

Week 3: Monday, July 11 - Friday, July 15

Grades 1 - 9

Superhero Camp with Urban Wizard Academy

Have you ever wished that you could be a hero? Join us for Superhero Camp and you can live your dream! Growing confidence, dealing with conflicts, and choosing to care! Campers will learn how to do some amazing stunts! Campers will learn how to move objects with their minds, control gravity, see through solid objects and change their clothes impossibly fast (parents, beware!). Campers will also build their sidekick and they even get their very own cape, mask, and a full superhero magic kit! Campers will go through superhero training, learn to solve puzzles, and work together to save the day!

Week 4: Monday, July 18 - Friday, July 22

Grades 1 - 9

Chess Wizards

Chess Wizards has been teaching the game of chess since 2002. Join us this summer for tons of challenging chess lessons, exciting games, and cool prizes. You’ll improve your chess skills, meet new friends, and work out your most powerful muscle: your brain! Our camps include fun team chess games (like Corner Chess), recess time (of course), snacks, tournaments, and puzzles. Each camper receives a T-shirt, trophy, and puzzle folder. We include all the materials necessary for your child to participate, but full-day kids should bring a lunch.

Week 5: Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29

Grades 1 - 9

Summer Soccer Skills and Bootcamp Conditioning

Have you ever wondered how to accelerate your child’s soccer skills? At Futsal & Street Soccer, our aim is to bring each player’s personal skills to the next level. Using high speed, high volume ball touches and ball maneuvering in tight spaces, Futsal & Street Soccer consistently delivers a far better player than traditional soccer programs.

Week 6: Monday, August 1 - Friday, August 5

Grades 1 - 9

IncrediFlix with Legos

Bring Lego worlds to life! We provide the Legos. You provide the imagination. Work in groups to create a Lego set with Lego characters for a stop-motion movie. Campers will storyboard, shoot, and add voice-overs too!

Week 7: Monday, August 8 - Friday, August 12

Grades 1 - 9

Ninja Warrior Camp

Be the ninja you’ve always wanted – and have a blast at the same time! Join our ninja warriors as they take on obstacle courses all over the J. Your lil’ ninjas will work on hand-eye coordination, and both design courses, and take turns mastering them!

This is a half day program. Campers will spend the other half of the day swimming, playing games, and taking part in other camp activities.

Week 8: Monday, August 15 - Friday, August 19

Grades 1 - 9

Treasure Island and the Magical Kingdom with ART-ventures

Pirate and Princess ART-venturers sail the high seas and discover enchanted kingdoms while creating fantastical masterpieces. Get into character by donning handcrafted pirate hooks or sparkling princess hats. Make your own fireworks t-shirts and pirate flags. Draw magical kingdoms, paint watercolor pirate ships, and build super cool castles. Sculpt clay cupcakes that look yummy enough to eat and clay frog pots — perhaps they’ll turn into princes! Draw treasure maps, design ceramic dragons, and create mosaic star boxes to hide your pirate treasure! Pirates and Princesses explore clay art, painting, beading, stained glass, fabric art, and more. Humorous storytelling is included in this fun and fantasy-filled week of creative art activities that kids will love!