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Below you will find more information about our traditional camping groups, which are determined by age range.

Stay tuned for more information on our 2023 summer camp season!

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Sam Stone
Director, Camp and Youth Programming

Entering Kindergarten by Fall 2023

Maccabim campers represent heroes from the story of Chanukah.  Maccabim campers enjoy the full camp experience – but we still make sure they rest, snack and socialize! These campers begin their day singing at the flagpole with the whole camp, making projects to take home, swimming lessons, rock climbing, learning pre-reading skills and playing games. Our counselors give campers individualized attention that they need to succeed in their new camp environment. 

3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Tsophim means “lookout,” – and lookout because Tsophim is different in 2021!  Tsophim campers have their very own village in the Katz pavilion out in the woods, where they play, develop friendships and build communicative confidence. Campers hone decision making skills with chugim (electives) where they design their afternoon based around their interests.  Our traditional camp combines all of the elements of great education and entertainment – sports, the arts, STEM, music & dance and the best collection of silly camp games around!

1st Grade - 2nd Grade

Chaverim means friends and these campers develop lifelong friendships and build confidence while they enjoy new camp activities.  From our values-based education, to the ropes course, and theme days, these campers sing, dance and play the day away. From visits from the Zoo or the balloon maker, or getting their hands dirty with STEMFusion, Chaverim campers build bonds and helps our campers discover a greater sense of self in our melting pot of a summer camp.

6th Grade - 8th Grade

Club 678 has been rebuilt and renamed Bonim (builders) to highlight the confidence, friendship and sense of community they will build!  Our Bonim counselors and campers work together to chart their meaningful camp experience that focuses on confidence, leadership, team building and community service – but they’ll also have a blast on the ropes course and during field trips! These middle school campers will plan and participate in community outreach and service. **Choose ‘Sports’ or ‘General’ Tracks!

3rd Grade - 8th Grade

Sports Camp

30+ games, ropes course – need we say more?  Campers hone decision making skills with chugim (electives) where they design their afternoon based around their interests.  They also will work on leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship – while having a blast!  Sports concentrated campers will enjoy sports, field games, wellness sessions.

9th Grade - 10th Grade

LIT - Leaders in Training

Our new name for our Leaders in Training is Manhigin – it means leaders in Hebrew. A Manhig receives leadership and development training, and learns to apply teaching skills in program areas of their choice. All youth, ages 14-15, interested in learning to become camp counselors are encouraged to register. (The course does not guarantee a counselor position upon completion)